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Micah LeVar Troy né le 18 November 1977 Originaire de Georgie, USA est plus connue sous le nom de Pastor Troy.

Producteur et membre du groupe D.S.G.B. (Down South Georgia Boys).



Year Solo

1999 We Ready (I Declare War)

2000 I Am D.S.G.B.

Pastor Troy for President

2001 Face Off

2002 Hell 2 Pay

Universal Soldier

2004 By Any Means Necessary

2005 Face Off, Part II

2006 Stay Tru

By Choice or by Force

2007 Tool Muziq

2008 Attitude Adjuster

A.T.L. (A-Town Legend)


2009 Feel Me or Kill Me

Ready For War

Love Me, Hate Me

2010 G.I. Troy – Strictly 4 My Soldiers

Zero Tolerence

Attitude Adjuster 2

King of All Kings

Year D.S.G.B. (Down South Georgia Boyz)

2001 The Last Supper

2003 Til Death Do Us Part

2010 The Return Of Cut 3 *

Year Collaborations

2000 Book I (with The Congregation)

2006 Atlanta 2 Memphis (with Criminal Manne)

2008 A.T.L. 2 (A-Town Legends 2) (with Lumberjacks)

Year Mixtapes / Compilations / Remix Albums

2001 A Thin Line Between The Playaz And The Hataz

2002 Revelations

2004 I Am American (Compilation) (presented by Lil Jon & Pastor Troy)

2005 Hood Hustlin': The Mix Tape, Vol. 1 (with Nino of P.K.O.)

Hood Hustlin': The Mix Tape, Vol. 2 (Slowed & Chopped) (with Nino of P.K.O.)

2006 Down South Hood Hustlin (with Nino of P.K.O.)

2009 Still No Play In Georgia (Best Of) (Mixtape)

Ready for War (The P.T. Mixes)

2010 Crown Royal (Mixtape)


2001 "Vice Versa" (featuring Peter the Disciple)

2002 "Are We Cuttin'" (featuring Ms. Jade)

2004 "Ridin' Big"

Featured Guest Appearances

2000: "Big Mouth, Big Talk" - Hypnotize Camp Posse feat. Pastor Troy

2000: "War Face" - Baddazis feat. Pastor Troy & Muffie

2000: "Get Off Me" - Ludacris feat. Pastor Troy

2000: "Do It" - Rasheeda feat. Pastor Troy, Quebo Gold & Re Re

2002: "ATL Hoe" - Baby D feat. Lil Jon, Archie Eversole & Pastor Troy

2002: "Throw It Up" - Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz feat. Pastor Troy

2002: "ATL Eternally" - Ying Yang Twins feat. Lil Jon & Pastor Troy

2003: "Fuck Em" - David Banner feat. Pastor Troy

2003: "Teacher's Pet" - T-Rock feat. Pastor Troy

2004: "We Ain't Playin'" - Lil Flip feat. Pastor Troy, Baby D, Killer Mike & Shawty Beezlee

2004: "Ride & Smoke" - Xzibit feat. Pastor Troy

2004: "Get Some Crunk In Yo System" - Trillville feat. Pastor Troy

2005: "Take It Outside" - Jody Breeze feat. Lil Jon & Pastor Troy

2005: "Southern Takeover" - Chamillionaire feat. Pastor Troy & Killer Mike

2006: "Tilt Ya Hat" - G-Dinero feat. Pastor Troy & Tomeka

2006: "Make Me Know It Then" - B.A. Boys feat. Pastor Troy

2006: "Say Say Lil Fine Ass" - Joi feat. Pastor Troy, Bun B & Trauma Black

2007: "And I Love You" - Rich Boy feat. Pastor Troy & Big Boi

2007: "My Posse" - Prophet Posse (Scarfo, Koopsta Knicca, Blackout, MC-Mack) feat. Pastor Troy & Yo Gotti

2008: "Keep It 100" - Yung Envy feat. Pastor Troy

2008: "Put Em Up" - Baby D feat. Sean P & Pastor Troy

2008: "Power Up" - 100 Grand feat. Pastor Troy & C.P.

2008: "Break The Rules" - Prophet Posse (Scarfo, Scan Man, K-Rock & Indo G) feat. Pastor Troy

2009: "Dreads Hang" - Sho feat. Pastor Troy [Produced by Shawty Redd]

2009: "Pussy Poppin'" - Juney Boomdata feat. Project Pat & Pastor Troy

2009: "17.5" - Gucci Mane feat. Shawty Lo & Pastor Troy

2009: "All The Way Crunked Up" - Lil Jon feat. Pastor Troy & Waka Flocka Flame [Produced by Vybe Beatz]

2010: "Throw It Up, Pt. 2 (Remix)" - Lil Jon feat. Pastor Troy & Waka Flocka Flame [Produced by Drumma Boy]


Pastor Troy

Book I (by Pastor Troy & The Congregation):

"Havin' A Bad Day"

Face Off:

"This Tha City"

"My Niggaz Is The Grind"

"Move To Mars"

"Throw Your Flags Up"

"No Mo Play In GA"

"Eternal Yard Dash" with Big Toombs

"Oh Father"

Universal Soldier

"Universal Soldier"

"Bless America"

Face Off (Part II):

"WWW (Who, Want, War)"

"Where Them Niggaz At"

"Respect Game"

Tool Muziq:

"I'm Down"


The Last Supper:

"We Dem Georgia Boyz"

"My Folks"

"Brang Ya Army"

"Above The Law II"



Til Death Do Us Part:

"I'm Outside Ho"

"Sittin' On Thangs" with Taj Mahal
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