Paroles: Gang

Full cup, flip cup, drinking till I'm twisted
Got a couple bad bitches and some fellas that are gifted
The loud rolled up and there is plenty in my pockets
Toss it to my dude, watch him catch it, Ty Lockett
Key light, purple sprite, really got me talkin'
Only rule to follow is no cock blockin'
Levis, Jordans, and the fitted that I'm rockin'
Got the bitches grabbing on me till I get the bottle poppin'
Five more minutes, on the timer till we blast off
Shots, shots, shots
Yeah, laugh my fucking ass off
We fucked up, no blunts, Tim boots, Lo-cut
Cheap beer, more sluts, the mother fucking box brush, uhh
We got the fire rollin'
Benji and R0th poker face, no holdin'
Madjik on the beat, Chaddy K he's the other guy
5-4-3, fuck it, 1-2-5

Yeah you know you wanna see us ball
Box party all night we never fall
1-2, you can skip the 3 and 4
It's a 1-2-5 baby welcome to the show

You know we came to work (came to work)
You know we came to play (came to play)
You wanna find us, you can find us up around the way
You know we came to work (came to work)
You know we came to play (came to play)
And you can find us up around the way

This is my type of party, sippin sprite and bacardi
Showin up late, bitch always tardy
Always thought it be nothing like it
Choosin to board or bike it
Lets ignite it, roll it, twist it and light it
I got money to make, and so much time
I got a girl thats a dime, and damn she fine
She'll put it all on the line, and even yell, moan and whine
With all bullshit aside, I'll just sit back and rhyme
And I'mma put in the time, and I'mma put in the work
My crew at the 125, they be going berserk
Mix the sprite with the purp, rough sex in the dirt
The pussy tastes so good, I mean it taste like dessert
Shit I'm spinning, my girl she pinnin'
I lean in to see what she seein', I see versace linnen
As I keep on grinnin' and as I keep on sinnin'
There's a party at the 125 this evenin', I mean it

[Hook: BH Malice]
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