Paroles: 52 Seconds

Brass instruments, Benz's and Bentley's and shit
Rolls Rolce symmetry, simpler they be, marvel that
How do they conjure up all of that emotional, braggadociousness and put it in motion
I spent house money on these stage coaches
I worked hard for this so I show it
Some think I get that money and blow it
But that's cause they don't know shit
And think about 1-2 they would and if they say they wouldn't then that's bullshit
But dig this, the plot twist, they the same as us
They could also be pullin' up
You put the work in, then you pull the car's out
Your garage, or your big ass house, your big ass yard
Swimming pool with your big ass dogs
I envision this for all of us, for every hustler to ball
Forty-eight minutes from the tip off, to like the coin toss
We tryna cross the line of scrimmage, move the chains
It's so real in the field (Yeah-yeah-yeah)
The goal is to stay off the court, parole list
We rock Rollie's,(la-de-da), bangin' oldies in my Bro whip
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