Paroles: Back to the Bars, Pt. 2

Ayy, yo
It's DJ Kay Slay, The Drama King
The Living Legend, representin' for the culture
The culture is a way of life
Sheek Louch, set it off

Ayy, yo, peace, Lord, how y'all been?
It's been a since we talked so I figure let me grab my pen
Basic shit, drinkin' liquor, talkin' shit at the games (Facts)
Couple niggas doin' good but the rest is the same
Still fly, heart emojis and a bunch of flames (Donnie)
I got a shit load of money but I barely do chains
Nice watch, workin' hard, like to sleep on the planes (Uh huh)
When I land, light up and get greeted with brains
Ha, Donnie, the Lionel Richie of the Commodores (Sheek)
For twenty years I been hotter than Bahama floors
O.G., so I was probably in your mama drawers (Ha ha)
Been gettin' money since Ruff Ryder Cash Money tours (Woo)
Dead, and I still let that cannon off
Whole clip, I don't plan on goin' back and forth
Google me, nigga, ain't nothin' 'bout me been soft
Sincerely, Yours, hope this letter make it up North (Sheek)

Swervin' through traffic on the Saw Mill
Headed to Yonkers
Styles P, let's go

I ain't have a trap but I had a crack spot
I was movin' black tops playin' black cop
Seen a top on a lap before a laptop
Over bloody money, niggas let the gat pop
If you on the frontline, never back block
Then you better have a gat or be a sasquatch
We was have-nots, now we have knots
Smokin' weed in the hatchback with a glass top
I still pay homage to all the Reaganomics
Flashbacks await, the H'll make 'em vomit
Pushin' the whip color like SuperSonics
Smokin' a Gary Payton while I'm playin' Delfonics
Even when I'm lyin', bitch, I'm bein' honest
I ain't with the drama but I'm with the honor
You should know that I got the llama
I'm burnin' money and I'm burnin' scama

Cruisin' across the Brooklyn Bridge
Shouts to Marcy's own Sauce Money
Let's go

If it's money on the table, I'll assault y'all kitchen (Uh)
The niggas with bright ideas, I'll off y'all switchin' (Uh huh)
Tryna block moves from gettin' Sauce more chicken
Underhanded niggas like they Softball pitchin' (Woo)
You got a job for haters, you better hire 'em swiftly (Come on)
'Cause once we locate 'em, then we expire 'em quickly
I'm the one [?]
Without a gunshot at Curtis
This is how it sounds when you fire at 50 (Woo)
I open-palm haters and suckas get backhands (Yeah)
I pick off emcees to pick on rap fans
You find your stomach shrinkin', let me help you with your thinkin'
Sometimes my punchlines turn into lap bands (Talk to 'em)
Niggas worse than hoes, fuck what he tell she (Fuck 'em)
Sucka for love, niggas want T-L-C
You could keep dreamin' but I'ma keep leanin'
And keep heat steamy while screamin', "Free LG"

Pushin' up that West Side Highway to Harlem
Nino Man, Twelveth Street
Let's go

Yo, they say I'm the chosen one like Neo
Nah, bitch, I'm Nino
Trapped out the Rio, crack rocks of kilos
Niggas send shots and miss, they better reload
'Cause when I send shots it's [?], they gotta relocate
Wait, I move like I'm runnin' late
No time for nobody, I'm sorry, I want the cake
I mean, I'm not even really sorry, I'm bein' fake
I mean, how could you ever be sorry for bein' great?
I mean, they be knowin'
I could slide in they main dame when the baby showin'
Can't even stay in they own lane and they be bowlin'
Don't ever loan 'em a damn thing 'cause they be owin'
That's why they lady hoe'in'
I can't believe all this hate I see
I got the juice over here, you gotta drink Hi-C
I'm with your boo gettin' head like a state I.D
Look, I could never be fake, I'm me
Nino Man

You know how that bike life go down
One wheel up in the sky up Lenox Ave
Vado, let's go

Yo, unleash your fingers with pressed keys
Chains on galore before it was just [?]
Be in Hell's Kitchen cookin' up like the [?]
Off-white shirts lookin' like they 3X tees
Yeah, we now orderin' less weed
Fiends movin' fast on the water like jet skis
I'm the type to eat with you, call for the check, please
'Fore you send your soldier in, make sure you check these
Bitches gettin' kicked to curb in they best Birken
Move to any county in Jers' except Bergen
Pull up in that Maybach pearl with the red curtains
Ask niggas they networkin' or neck workin'
Tryna cop numbers, I'm hopin' they networkin'
Bus comin' in every day, the connect workin'
Huh, understand the mindstate
Now you could understand the crime rate

Doin' 90 down the turnpike to Philly
RJ Payne, represent, bruh

Tre Eight snub clean the buildin'
Clip full of slugs, they think it's Serena Williams
Shit is like a drug, been tryna repeat the feelin'
Termites in a barrel, these bullets'll eat your ceilin', Payne
Every rhyme is stellar, different kind of fella
Dillinger with the six-pack, the Teyana Taylor
Medusa face on my Vercasi, word to Donatella
My chicken got these niggas sick, shit is salmonella
When you this damn special, they can't catch you
I fight and I shoot, Van Damme and Van Exel
Out the park shit, grand slam, it's ancestral
Dead a man, them rubber bands, these hands stretch you
Fuck who nice, nigga, who play greater?
Slay said he need a verse, it came two days later
I let these sucka niggas prove they haters
Diss me on Monday ain't read about you in the Tuesday paper

Fresh off a flight front Flint, Michigan
Jon Connor, close it out

Let me just set the record straight
My résumé is the best to date, nigga, let's debate
Michigan, I'm from where the water is lead infested state
Where niggas rather be dead than safe
Starve and dyin' over bread and cake
Judge know he gon' send you to the feds before the lawyer even pled the case
Adrenaline buildin'
Connor back killin' these niggas with Slay
And I know you was missin' that feelin'
They like, "He got a deal and went missin'"
No, he got a deal and they tried to convince him I needed permission to finish the vision that Allah intended
You got it, I get it
And I will admit it, that Connor just probably ain't meant for the system
Peep my position
Disappeared and came back like a fuckin' magician
Mad with a swag like, "You fuckin' my bitches?"
You thought with the toughest intentions, predicted to tuckin' your dick in when shit get in sync
Them be the niggas I hate and be talkin' the loudest
See, most of these niggas is cowards
Keep runnin' your mouth and they [?] be catchin' some flowers
Warnin', I just took a bottled water shower this mornin'
Flint shit, the reason behind all the passion when I'm recordin'
Pissed off, so I'ma let your bitch fuck me 'til my dick soft
Porn shit, long-ass tube socks and won't even take my kicks off
If you ask me, the universe gave y'all four years to try to pass me
And now that we back on-course, I'm fuckin' y'all over with no remorse
A boss, I own my own shit
Now I ain't gotta postpone shit
Revolution on my mind like the black fist on the comb pick
It's finna get ugly
This time they not takin' it from me, this ain't for the money
This time, I'm fuckin' they bitch while I'm doin' the Dougie
This the preview of the shit I got comin'
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