Paroles: CASH UP

What? Dexter
Fuck you too, he ain’t missin’ shit
No one like that bitch ass nigga
Playin’ with me
Fuck, hah, catch up, yeah, hah

Ooh, .30 on my waist, ain’t no backer
Hah, pussy ass nigga, you a lacker
Hah, got a bad bitch with a clapper
Suckin’ dick, oh my God, baby girl ass hurt
Huh, yeah, shakin’ ass till her legs hurt
Niggas lookin’ tough, I’ll slap a nigga backwards
Ooh, ‘member days I was hustlin’ Backwoods
Now I got my money up, had to get the cash up

Huh, yeah, ridin’ in the Lamb truck
Huh, nigga actin’ tough, I swear to God, get blammed up
Hah, ooh, .50, it don’t jam up
Huh, catch yo ass lurkin’, yeah, shoot you where you stand up
Huh, boy, you is demandin’
Hah, what? Call the boy lightnin’, he a [?]
Hah, boy had his pants down
Huh, boy was a clown, shot his ass down
Hah, ooh, yeah, what?
Hah, never lackin’, keep that bitch everywhere I go
Hah, never lack, keep that bitch everywhere I go
Huh, niggas try me, kill yo ass right in the store
Hah, yeah, got it on me, though
Huh, popped a pill, oh my God, she horny, though
Hah, baby wanna ride me like a pony, though
When she suck me and she fuck me, gotta take care my homies, though
Huh, I ain’t never lyin’ bitch
Huh, if a nigga try me, yeah, you dyin’, bitch
I’m off a X pill, oh my God, I’m high as shit
Huh, yeah, oh my God, I’m high as shit
Yeah, ooh, oh my God, yeah, I’m high
Look up in the sky, oh my God, see fries
Yeah, what a nigga thinkin’?
Huh, run up on me, swear to God, is you blinkin’?
Huh, .50 on me, turn his ass to a pizza
I got a bad bitch, yeah, I call her mamacita
Two Glocks on me, wanna run around, never creepin’
Swear I’m a dog, all these stupid hoes, they be cheatin’

Huh, yeah
Yes, I’m a dog, bitch
I don’t give a fuck about no bitch and all that stupid shit
Y’all hoes cheat like me, huh
Fuck you think I’ma love you for?
Huh, bitch
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