Huh, ooh
Leapfrog, ooh
Leap, leapfrog, yeah
Dexter, hah
Leapfrog, hah
Leap like a frog
Ooh, huh, ooh

Bitch, I’m a beast, you know I’m a dog
Nigga leap, turn his ass to a frog
Never lackin’, got it on me in the mall
Remember them days I was broke, now I ball
Huh, yeah, huh
Park the car, yeah, huh
Bitch, I’m a star, huh
Run up on me, yeah, huh, I swear, you won’t get far

Haha, loser
Run up on me, is you stupid? Huh
Diamonds on me, yeah, fruity
Can’t fuck with niggas, they goofy, huh
Run up on me, I’ma shoot it, huh
Then I go chill in jacuzzi, huh
I got six lil groupies, huh
I want the throat and they booty, huh
I got the bankroll on me, huh
Diamonds, they all on my teeth
This nigga so lame, he don’t want no beef
That draco make him [?] his feet, huh, wait, run it
Run for his gun
I know this boy, he a lame, he a chump
He suck on the end of that [?] then dump
I ain’t got time to [?], just leave me a lump, yeah, huh
Know you tellin’, huh
Hop in Ferrari, you know I’m four wheelin’
I run in your house, bitch, I come in your buildin’, huh
I’ll put your brains to the ceilin’, huh

Yeah, Waka Flocka, go hard in the paint, uh
We catch a opp and it’s blank
Aim at his top, put a hole in his tank, uh
Pop on a opp out the sink
Young nigga, I’ma fuck up Saks Fifth
Pull up on Nike, boy, meet you, got packages
Recordin’ on a VLONE carpet, uh
Tell her turn around, make her park it, uh
Learned how to shoot you in the darkness, uh
Never grew up in a house, had apartments, uh
Trap, trap, uh
Got a Glock on me, it’s matte black
Pull that AR, bitches cap back
I just run that check back like a halfback, uh
Roll it up, ordered up
Taught my young nigga “Shoot shoulders up”, uh
It’s fun when we shoot, man, [?]
[?], stop pourin’ Robitussin
Yeah, yeah, he got a gun if he roll with us
Gotta keep pourin’ drank, he ain’t movin’ as slow as us

Movin’ as slow
Movin’ as slow
Kickin’ this dope
Kickin’ this dope
Yeah, head to toe
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