Paroles: Feelings

Dougie on the beat
Still, still
Still feel the deal
Still, look

Talk to my kid mom today, that was kinda hard
Sick of all the drama in my life, we ain't gotta start
How the fuck we still holding grudges, you ain't gotta heart?
Either way a nigga life a movie, and you got a part
I was in a lotta dark
I don't never make excuses for myself but how I came up was kinda hard
I was havin' battle scars
And I'm never speakin' on the shit I did, 'cause when you bite, you don't gotta bark
Live the years now when he young but my jit watchin'
Just 'cause we fell out of love, that ain't his problem
Every kid want a mami and a papi
But how we gon' co-parent when it's sloppy?
Been to act like I'm that nigga but I ain't cocky
Everybody watch me, I'm duckin' the paparazzi
Life was weighin' heavy, now I'm steady takin' oxies
Hate it or love it, my life faster then a Mazi'
Public record here but you ain't gotta sabotage me
Even though I'm more than generous, gotta rob me
Instead of doin' what you 'posed to, you tryna dodge me
I'm gon' be here regardless, won't do me like the markets
I don't want no problem but just stop me when I'm flashin'
Can't accept the fact you love me, keep tryin' judge me
Granted you gon' stay in position, but that's because me
Still feel me
I was real but this the real-real me
Hope you still feel me
All my real niggas gotta feel me
Phone talk about it and it kill me
Hope you still feel me
I got love for you still, literally
I hate that we seein' shit differently
I can't let it get to me
I stay focus, I see shit vivdly
Built for tough times, they were meant for me
I don't want no sympathy
I can recognize whoever here for me
If I weren't the nigga I was meant to be
They weren't even here for me
What it is, gon' make a clip for me
I don't pay attention to the real me
No they ain't hearin' me
They respect more than they be fearin' me
When I wasn't winnin' they weren't cheerin' me (For real)
Lost my brother almost been a year for me
Go and shed a tear for me
And I love you niggas still feel me
And your son can always and chill with me
He can come and live with me
Gotta still feel me
Gave 'em the real me
Help him out but he'll still kill me, damn
Never seen a nigga real 'till me, damn
And this gave me the chills
Lil' bro know I didn't fold when he gave me the wheels
Till this day he like the baby still
But he'll hit the switch and turn it to a Navy Seals
I got diagnosed but I don't want no crazy pills
I'm a real hustler, I don't want no lazy deals
If I execute this time, I'm makin' crazy mills
They tryna book every day, I'm havin' stage to peel
I got bond once again but I paid it still
I don't wanna tell you what a nigga made for real
I don't wanna tell you where a nigga came for real
All the hunger, all the doubt and all the pain was real
They know my name for real
Herbo made a change for real
And I got aunties, that ain't met my baby still
But it's all good
I walk around with a smile like it's all good
I made a million dollar [?], smell like all woods
I know they'll make a way for me, if y'all could
I been to war but I'm still good in damn near all hood
I could hear a nigga diss me, it'd be all love
They wanna ask me how I feel, I give a small shrug
I was top ten, front line, all thugs
I was locked in ten summers, all blood

Uh, still feel me
I don't even want no adlibs on that
Still feel me
they still feel me
I ain't really talkin' much after this song 'cause I want you to listen
Dougie on the beat
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