Paroles: So It Was Told

Yeah-yeah, look (Look)

I do this for real, I ain't gotta act hard
Black scully on the match my black card
Black skies over us, I got the flash on
Goin' in daily for my niggas that's gone
Spillin' liquor out the bottle
Charged up, full throttle
Cold like Colorado, keep it pushin' that's the motto
Ranges and Benzos off the lot (Off the lot)
We used to listen to our demos in the Dodge
Now I got a hellcat on my wrist
Big plans with the clique, hunnid rounds in the clip
True stories I'm bound to tell
Shit I thought I lost it all but I found myself
Goin' postal when the post, how I wrote the mail
Givin' up, only way that you bound to fail
You wouldn't help me if I was stranded, so let's be real
Show your colors in true time and the rest get revealed

Straight up (Straight up)
On time comin' for niggas like us
Surf Club been wavy
2020 takin' it up notches
Crankin' the level on niggas

They only spite you when it's nothin' like you
So in my life it's more of a reason to eat and break the cycles
I dropped pride then came clarity
Look how it helped me with my sincerity
Blossom with what was near to me
about my life from this Benz seat
and Dior, that make appearance when the lames creep
Such a leak from [?]
We learn to swim through doubt
Like when bitches in Hit crib, done pulled the swimsuits out
If you ain't us, we gon' sniff you out
Snatch a bottle of Mo' and big double [?] I'ma lift you out
We ain't worried 'bout the niggas speakin' down
Knowing heavy be the crown and you'll niggas know such
Greed'll heat a situation with a cold touch
'Cause the niggas speakin' love never hold much
Grammy taught me never worry 'bout what's out of control
The greatest glory come to people who embracin' they role
So we was taught

Yeah, uh
So I was taught
And we get it fo real
So I was taught
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