Paroles: Mobbin


Doc Jeffery I got my stripes like referees
Thot next to me I don't know why she next to me
Gold on my wrist, diamond cross accessories
Keep on testing me I put your ass in jeopardy
Got them racks on me and I got drugs especially
Now she texting me now that's why she keep pressing me
With a hoe of three you see these hoes molesting me
My 30 right here next to me that bitch protecting me
Once I take her home her legs gon' open sesame
I let y'all niggas rest y'all niggas overslept on me
This bitch is not a stylist but she keep undressing me
This bitch is not in college but she keep correcting me
All she say is "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes" to me
Step in with a Lola
Step in with a Stephanie
Both my bitches rich and both my bitches invest in me
All you niggas disrespecting me acting like you fresh as me
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