Paroles: Twitch

Okay I pull up smoking jam while I'm replaying my jams
You ain't truly getting money if you still juggin' scams and fuck Uncle Sam I'm living La Viva La Bam
I be (?) to the (?) all she do is swipe and scan and I can't understand how you roaming still plan
Boy I keep the upper-hand I will uppercut your mans
I scissor kick the party, go to sleep and do it again and I don't need no friend let the killing spree commence
I bet I won't repent, I got blood behind my tint
I'm driving shit you couldn't get I like my cash well spent and they already knew that I ain't never been a bitch
I pull up and watch 'em twitch you little sissys ain't legit
I won't spare a fool for shit you press that button then I flip
I blow a fuse and then that's it
Cut and kill it then I dip, Nigga who

Cut, Kill then I dip nigga real shit
Aye repeat offender I do it once I'll do it plenty more times nigga
Ayo I'm hazardous so you gon' need some goggles and a mask for this
Now why you on my dick when I ain't ask for this (huh)
Hey look I'm passionate I'm in your baby mommas kitchen cabinet
I grab your sons snacks and start smashing it (yeah)
I ain't the victim, I'm the villain
I'm the antagonist I hit your mailbox in reverse and start dragging it
Yeah I'm a dick so if you touch me that is sexual harassment
My lawyers got some questions he need answering (okay)
My middle fingers stuck up, my bitch stuck up (okay)
I'm fired on some fuck nigga, my wrist fucked up (okay)
I'm sharper than a thumb tack you called a contact (okay)
I'm smoking on some extract I can't text back (no way)
She Apple Pay me four racks Yes sir I heart that (yessir)
but God I just got car jacked Nigga where I park at? (letgo)
Let's step outside right quick I'm tryna mack a bitch and shit
The slutty hoes is all that I attract and shit (uh huh)
I'm fucking on some strippers, I'm fucking on some actresses
She bought herself a pole and now she practicing, she mastered it
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