Paroles: Moments in Love

AssOh your back hurt?
Let me rub that
I’ll work for your heart why?
Cause I want that
Sit back on the beach
Whisper in your ear I dig
You boo
As you sit back watch the
You tell me you dig me too
Let me hold our hand baby
You know how I feel
I need to show my love
Because my love for you is real
Being fake with you girl you know that’s a no
So there's one thing that you got to know...
I want your sister
I’m really sorry girl but I really want your sister
I want you girl but straight up I want your sister
I really like you but I'd love to have your sister
I want you girl but I think I need your sister
I’ll take your sister and make me her mister
I loved your time but I really want your Sister
So we can have moments in loved
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