Paroles: Q Love

Yeah, this for the grown folks
This for couples only, right?
This for the couples who got that distance between 'em right now
I'm the peoples' rapper, so
I gotta speak for all situations and circumstances, ya dig?

What you doin' in the meantime?
Are you horny now, you tryna get some screen time?
The situation, it ain't perfect, but I need to see you naked
Since you can't come here in person, I, uh
Show me what you do to it, maybe somethin' new to it
I just wanna see you get loose
If you was here, let me see what you would do with it

Uh; I need that put-it-on-the-screen love
I wanna see you doin' everything I dreamed of
I'ma need you to help me use my imagination
To help me get through this quarantine, love
I just need that motivation, girl, I got this buildup
I just wanna see my baby work it like a real one
I just wanna see you bendin' over, like when you be holdin' the sofa
On your tippy-toes with your heels up
How would you do it if I was there?
You'll be lookin' at me over your shoulder like you ain't scared
Givin' me a lapdance while I sit in the chair
While you go up and down, and we lookin' in the mirror
You just sent me a text that said you miss sittin' on it
Envisionin' kissin' on it
Told you hit me on FaceTime and now you strippin' for me
'Cause for now, all we got is the phone
And we don't know for how long

Lemme see you get
On-on the floor, on-on the floor, pop that (right now)
Lemme see you get
On-on the floor, on-on the floor, drop that (right now)
Lemme see you get
On-on the floor, on-on the floor, pop that (right now)
Lemme see you get
On-on the floor, on-on the floor, drop that (go!)

It's been too long, girl (drop that)
Go down to the floor, then (drop that)
I just wanna make you scream, neither one of us can leave
So just put it on the screen, and (drop that)
Bring it back up, then (drop that)
Back down to the floor, and (drop that)
Put the phone where I can see it, then (drop that, on the floor)

What's happenin', y'all? This is Doctor Love talkin' to ya
And I'm here to get you through all your sexual frustrations in this crazy situation
I mean, what you lookin' all shy for, girl?
He done seen it before! And if it was ever any time he needed to see it, it's right now!
So what you waitin' for, girl? Show him what he missin'!

I just wanna see you grind, no I cannot get our sex off my mind
Damnit, I tried, but right now my stamina feelin' like Kevin Gates
I won't get, I won't get, I won't get tired
Since I can't give you the business
I'ma need your sexy ass to give me some assistance
I'ma need your sexy ass to move it like a snake
I'ma need you to put in work to get us through the distance
Look, I wanna go head-up
I wanna see you stand on one leg with one leg up
I wanna see you move, do what you do, like
"Boy, you ain't said nothin'"
I wanna see you slow it down, then speed it right back up
Go to the bed, to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the bath
I ain't had enough
I don't wanna be up all night clickin' on different websites
I just wanna see my girl takin' off that thong, it's been too long, I
Just wanna fantasize about my wifey
So let's make this shit exciting
If you up to it, girl, we could do this all night

I hope that helped y'all
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