Paroles: Fly Little Bird

Fly little bird, fly little boy
Misunderstood by all your noise
Keep to yourself, they'll hear you one, baby
Focus on me until the end
You'll lose yourself and most your friends
But I promise you'll get there one day
Give me your everything
Give me all of you and most of your time mean everything
If you want it, you gon' have to let me take care of everything
And anything you want's with me
So please, I'll be alone in my home
By myself, thinkin' about you

What you thinkin' 'bout?
What you thinkin'? I'm thinkin'
What you thinkin' 'bout?
What you thinkin'? I'm thinkin'
What you thinkin' 'bout?
What you thinkin'? I'm thinkin'
What you thinkin' 'bout?
I'm thinkin' what you thinkin'
I'm thinkin' 'bout

You seen the end result
Because it's like this
If you take a spoonful of sugar, you gon'
You gon' get this high, you gon' feel real real good
For X amount of time
But if you don't keep taking that sugar
You eventually gon' get low
You gon' get real low
Hold up, nigga
You know where you used to be
You thought you was hot, you not hot
A hundred percent sober?
You think I'm fuckin' Superman, nigga?
I'm a person, just like you
You a person, I'm a person
This nigga's a person, that bitch over there's a person
We all people in this motherfucker
So if I'm, if I, if I gotta do somethin' to, to sustain myself and keep myself up
While I'm goin' through all this shit to tend to y'all
C'mon, bruh, you gon', you gon' judge me?
'Cause I know you go home and you do your lil' thing
You gon' judge me?
I'm doin' the same shit mad niggas is doin', they just not here
They not in the game, they outside
Once you get in the game, niggas judge
We brought y'all shit when it was keep it, you see this shit?
We good, we always good
Shake shake
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