Paroles: Time Heals, Just Not Quick Enough

Someone anyone
Love me, please me, hold me, need me
I'm no saint I know
But I swore you’d never leave me

Will it hurt for long?
I swear I’ve never felt this before
Time heals just not quick enough

Fire blinds the eye
Why deceive me?
Why’d you lie?
(fire, my eye, why'd you lie)
I’ve been loved before
But your love had different pull

Where did it go wrong?
I swear I never felt this pain before
Time heals just not quick enough

You can keep my soul
Just say you want me
Say it one more time
I know you want me yeah

Don’t release me
Say it again no
Didn’t you promise me?
You left me to DIE (left me to die)
You made a promise
So re-clarify (re-clarify)
How could you hurt me?
We should repent
Why don’t you want me?
Why aren’t you here?
Did you love me? (Love me)
Did you care?
Did I live full when I was there
Nobody wants me in the end
You don’t love me no

I’m your devil
I will always love you
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