Paroles: Gun

Guns and Roses, another young boy lost, another fallen soldier
Younger brother tears' falling on his mother's shoulders
She got some tears of her own, wish she had loved him stronger
13, but he grown, you see the gun he holding, that was made for a man
The rush he get when he load it is one you won't understand unless you hold it and blow it, Granny moved from New Orleans searching for better life
A troubled cardiac is all she got, eating that McDonalds by the laundry mat
Daughter was 17, she just want to know where the party at
Met somebody that night, fucked him, he never called her back
Now her oldest bastard son sitting in that casket
Young victim of the guns and roses
Living young and hopeless

Guns and Roses, another young girl lost, you see her heart was broken
She used to love so strong til' she got done wrong, ain't wanna feel no guilt
She blamed it all on home, but still it felt so real, and shit she lie so well
Her parents never could tell where she was really at
Now is it really love or just another lie to fuck inside his mama's truck raw like the emotions of her crying that night, her pillow soaked
She miss the hope she had as a kid
But he doing all the things that her dad never did
He'll be the dad of a kid if she have it, but still he'd rather not
Steal her mother's car, hit the bar just to grab a shot from the guns and roses
Living young and hopeless

Guns and Roses, I had it all in my home but mother never noticed
The neighborhood where I roamed was known for countless encounters
Of people pressin' they line, I try to stay in my boundary
When bounties placed on your head for shit you never had did
You just conform to survive, not tryin' to sit in no pit
I like me better alive, three fifty-seven's for six, eleven fit in the nine
I take 'em both when I dip cuz I ain't dyin' today
It's just a game that we play, what you bang? where you stay?
Before you answer just spray, they'll never see it coming
Hit a man woman, child, or dog because it's mine before yours
It's two weapons in wars and that's
The guns and roses, young victim of the guns and roses
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