Paroles: Clicc Clacc

In the studio, shit
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (M-M-M-Murda)
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Ayy, the youngest to do it, a teen (Young)
I'm shootin' my shot like Kareem (Yeah)
My niggas ball like LeBron, yeah, we got the ring
Ayy (Yeah), he think that a young nigga lackin' (No)
I'll turn this bitch into a thriller like my name was Michael Jackson (Hee-hee), yeah, yeah
Glock on my lap in traffic
Roll down the window, you know that I'm blastin'
Just like Denzel, all about action (Bitch)
You thought I had luggage because I be packin'
She givin' me brain while the young nigga laid up
I'm a big dawg, nigga better get his weight up (Rr)
Last opp got whacked, he met his maker
Put nut on her face like it was some makeup (Yeah, yeah)

Click clack, ra-ta-tat
.223's through your back, yeah

Yeah, bitch, I ball like I'm Giannis, uh, yeah, ayy
My clip, it hold about a hundred, yeah, yeah, ayy
We at your head just like a bonnet, yeah, yeah
Ayy, that murder shit is what we livin' for
Twenty shots, ten down
I caught him lackin' at the corner store (Yeah)
You say that I'm not killin', but you don't even know me, though (Bitch)
Bitch, I put a hole up in your head just like a Cheerio (Yeah, yeah)

Click clack, ra-ta-tat
.223's through your back, yeah
Click clack, ra-ta-tat, yeah, yeah

I'm goin' in for my niggas in cells
Fuck the judge, they won't give 'em no bail
They sayin' I'm hot, I'm hotter than Hell
They playin' my songs on top of the jail, yeah
Brand new ice on the brand new watch in the brand new drop-top (Yeah, yeah)
Just left VLIVE with a new stripper, that's a brand new thot-thot (Yeah, yeah)
Take her to the crib, I'm all in her guts, I'm giving' her backshots (Yeah, yeah)
I fucked her so good, she turned around and she thought I had two cocks (Yeah, yeah)

Click clack, ra-ta-tat
.223's through your back, huh
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