Paroles: Elevate

Yow Notnice
Roll dem gyal like black dice
Like Drizzy wi have map ties
Weh! (Map ties)

Badman pull up in di McLaren
Mi an di killy dem
[?] gyal again
High grade weed deya wid di blem
Life ah di greatest ting
[?] from mi famo dem

So, celebrate life one time
Man ah elevate from war and crime
Mi nuh wan' see nuh jail time
Mi ah dream fi rich long before Grade 9
From di time guh pull up, every gyal ah drop draws
Wan’ mi squeeze up di breast in dem bras
Pocket fulla money, Popa Skull nuh drop guard
When gyal ah bawl fi mi come ah dem yard

Den Notnice
When man ah grow mi never rich enuh
When mi n'ave, mi used to do without
Nuff time mi wan' fi get ah spliff enuh
Mi just ah 20 bag [?]
Becau’ mi know mi haffi mek it out
Ah mek mi mama proud
Mi never trod e wrong road
Never run down weh mi can't afford
Mi did ah learn di code, from [?] over Waterford
So from yuh know seh yuh clean everytime yuh lef' yuh yard
Put yuh cup inna di sky now
And from yuh real to yuh team everyone ah live di dream
Put yuh cup inna di sky now
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