Paroles: Love You

Gyal a you mi waan
Pay fi yo visa meck yo fly out regular

Baby, c–k up yo bumper, sit down pon hi
Gyal yo pum, pum, good and yo fit
Mi wi give you everything weh deh in my wallet
And in my pocket

A me fi be yo baby that, baby that, baby that
A me fi be yo baby that, baby that, baby that
Gyal yo good body drive mi man, love you bad, swear to God
Baby you a mi love fi life, mi queen, mi wife, mi barby doll

[Verse 1:]
Baby, yo pu–y pretty like the building dem a Canada
Meck the Pop Skull nail it wid da hammer yah
Shi inlove wid the peipe, well si the plumber yah
Baby meck in a da pretty blanket cover yah
Baby yo don’t look like no gorilla
Suh mi tek a pic wid mi Z10 camera
Put hi pon insta seh a mi baby mother
Soon seh mi get more follower

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Baby, love when yo reach to yo climax
Shi bwal and grab up my back
Shi tell mi, mi dread and mi nuh carry lax
Shi wine pon mi buddy till mi relax
9 months time thanks giving Jah
Pretty likkle baby shi give insta
Ring pon yo finger a diamond that
The love naw stop

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 2]

[Repeat Chorus]
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