Paroles: Janet Freestyle (Remix)

Come on

Bro you packed out the Staples without doin' a song
Was on Channel 5 and 11, for eight hours long
Ten million on merch, in a month and a half
Had 6-0's and Eight-Tray all on Slauson Ave
Had GQ takin' flicks of you and your girl
Blacc Sam got to speak in front the whole wide world
Put businesses in your hood
Sold records, signed athletes
Four hour ride, through each hood with no casualties

King Nip
Salute to His Majesty
King Nip
Salute to His Majesty
I just hate it took a tragedy for y'all niggas to realize

You set a tone in LA
Voice was filled with ambition
Since you passed, every lyric just hit a little different
Since March 31st, everything's a little different
I just hate it took that to make the world listen
Well known gang banger, but mission was peace
Buyin' back the hood and reunitin' the streets
Remember me, you and Lou Dog, in ATL choppin' it up
'Bout me and YG squashin' our beef
Wanted us to talk it out, before niggas lose lives
Fuck off bread or make niggas choose sides
Nothin' changed, but I respected the talk
It was good to know a nigga really walked how he barked, on God

I ain't cry when Pac died
But I did when Nip did, maybe
Because I see a lot of me in bro, and
All the dope shit Nip did, yeah
Independent thinkers, they don't like that
Confident demeanors, they don't like that
Bro, you did it your way
Never how they fuckin' told us
'Member nights 3AM, we both out hangin' up posters
In the jungles, remember that?
'07 on one like, "Damn, there go Thundercat"
Goin' hard on the yard, on our promo tip
Sometimes no homies with us, on our solo tip
Damn, we young dreamers tryna run LA
To headline at Powerhouse 'cause we run LA
Woo, bro your homegoin', what a fuckin' day
That was the first time in a long time the world saw us as one LA
Just one more thang I shouldn't say but I gotta say
We had to watch bro die for motherfuckas to realize
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