Paroles: Blue Opps

Hah, yeah
This that don dada flow
(This that don dada music)
Oh Lord, ayy

No cappuccino, double cup, I sip red
I'm feelin' just like Al Pacino, that boy play, then he dead
"What's crackin', cuz?" my favorite lingo, wrap my flag 'round my head
Walk 'round the corner, caught him, bingo, Timmy take off his dreads
Shots fired, bah, bah, man down, it's up in the sky
The police knowin' [?] every time that we ride
Them boys wish they ain't started beef 'cause every night, we gon' slide
Steady watchin' the preacher preach, I got them gates in my eyes

GPS me 'til they block and pop my head in like mayday
From day to night, they go and search for opps, they know that's they payday
No name, buried this Glock and went and copped him an AK
Sixth grade, I had that drop, I never went to the eighth grade
Murder, I'm screaming out homicide
some top shottas who will come take your life
We live the life of Curtis Jackson, get rich or die tryin'
One shot, man down, smile in your face 'fore you die

My neighbor told me I make music, make them boys go and kill
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