Paroles: Shells Kitchen

TWhy you did it, you heard
Yeah, uh huh, ayo, ayo

The architect of making classic albums
Front running gangsters
Run up in banks, quick to spank something
Basic killin' hills rockin' lenses
Licataa grown bottles, gasell's on leaning
Like a Rakim this is show business
All in my blow in the feel off in the Atlantic
These niggas is scramblers, quick to fool [?] sake hards
Playing whisket back in the big pawns
Old niggas be lurkin' to snatch you when you workin' [?]
Dice games with fixed dice
come and ask for ice?
Wanna try to jump the [?]
Bass heads, they say they take meds
Welcome to hell's kitchen, no they call it shells kitchen

Ayo chill my nigga
Yo, you got your animal jacket on the floor, B
You got all your shit on
Yo just be easy walking around the block taking smooth aight
No family you know [?] that it's all good
Bring the bags over here
Let's get it going, boom, boom, boom
You already know
For real, uh huh

We like the Arabian nights and this is Dubai
The camels is the new five
I'm stuck in my ways burning hays off the Egypt
They watching my street drip
This scene [?] police flip
Y'all testing me to bring out the best of me
Carrots, iced out rabbits, some tragic
Then put a trick on you, that's my magic
Make me savage, get the cabbage boy
Yeah, it's on in this madness
Rappers I will eat you like crab sticks
You can't fix the rollers, the hollers, the one [?]
[?], my niggas ride with me
And come inside yo and vibe with me

Staten nigga
This shit is poison as shit man
This shit is hard dungeon shit
Dungeon music
TWhy you did it, you heard
Shit I'm talkin' about
Red Bull
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