Paroles: Choosin Fee's

Can’t be sniffin’ yay’ when you got a pimp to pay
If I’m insensitive just say
If you get pinched don’t dare mention my name
Can’t be the weakest nigga in the chain
It could break
Fix your wig get your shit straight
These niggas won’t squish a grape in the wraith so just go get paid
I’ma sit and let this big ol’ dick hang
Pick your brain, give you this game
This’ll be a continuous exchange and literally this is change
Living conditions change I’m only trippin’ off shit if it’s in the way
I ain’t a plate
Might lace a day and date face so you can figure skate
Mama watchin’ her figure I figure we play for bigger stakes
I fixed the mistakes you just stick to the plate
And we can pay to have our sins erased
We in Eden, Eve was lady of the evening
If we made babies they’d be heathens
If you breeze then I may put out a ABP then
Spank you then say OK we even
Even when you angry share your secrets
Explain to me your pains in plain English
Between what’s real and what’s fake, you trained to make the distinction
Obey these teachings
Everything’ll be cake and peaches
Uh, praise Jesus, you got an angel’s facial features
Let’s get this paper, fame is fleeting
It’s not a word I’m saying that’s misleading
Just stay seated
To stay with me’s a great achievement, means you weighed your freedom
To keep it a G this is a sneak peek on how slaves are treated
Don’t make me trade you to some losing team with lazy teammates
These ain’t choosin’ fees for cheapskates
Have you broke in the CBA with a knee brace
Keep pace
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