Paroles: Ephesians


Twirl the broom like a whirl pool (Twirl it out)
This rap world like a all girls school (Facts)
Free learning might drop a pearl or two
Dudes only as good as who's turning the spoon
Works to serve or two burning the food (Uh)
Fumes from the German Lug's it ain't perfume (Nah)
We could make some furniture move (Definitely)
Haven't you hear my dude, I'm surgical with the .32
No? Oh word, that's news (Oh you ain't know?)
Hoe you could choose to be a walking snooze
I bare my soul like I wrote this nude (Naked)
Only a fool goes opening those old wounds
All you see is proof when my clothes removed
The hate gave the motor fuel
Niggas ain't got a molecule of cool in they vein to trade pool (Not a bay)
True, heart pumping Kool-Aid and naked juice too
If we was upstate I'd take your shoes and potato hooch (Gimme that)
Banging with the jewel get tomato soup on your suit
Intimate like a table for two, who made reservations and date a sabertooth
After the tango flesh was dangling loose
I felt the presence of an angel in the room
Uh, to be brutally rooted in truth I came with the tools
When the system needed a reboot I got the grease on my boots
Got the machine moving smooth on the squeak it needed lube (It needed lube)
We knew before we was through squeezing a tube (Knew it)
Not to toot my own tooter but I'm that boy
And I don't even sound unreasonable at all

This boy wasn't spoiled but still rolled with a spade on me
The truth is I had juice 'cause I always kept a pair on me
And our fields was no meals, just forks in the road
Kept it coveted for the public with beloved I'm talking in code
Was unfortunate souls, in the hood where good [?] off in the [?]
Mindless discipline made for thicker skin I forged at the toe
For the filth that grew me built immunity to deadly venom
Somebody might not know the right rights of passage if I never pen 'em
Seems the team like good jeans, but wanted better denim
Tool that you walk with make a movie a short clip if never extend 'em
A child made for [?] ready to wild 'till the world end
For my supplements stood up against anything the world sends
For years lost still we was fortunate 'fore I had a girlfriend
But thorough ladies made thorough babies, thorough men
Wasn't from an esteemed hood so being good tough for me
Make for bad recipes when necessity is luxury
Covered the bond I went above and beyond if I had trust in me
Was told as youth become a mule, if ever in custody (Say nothin')
Once you get aggravated with all that fabricated, come fuck with me (Come fuck with me, word)
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