Paroles: Boom Boom Room

Lyrics from snippet

Yung [?] on the track

They been tryna copy my style
That's why I keep it to the moon
Fast make vroom, vroom, vroom
boom, boom, room

I'm a visionnary, I got these niggas scared, hmm
Rock the big Patek with the brand new wrist [?], hmm
Inside the new Maybach coupe and the [?], hmm
I'ma slide in the Rolls, slide in the Lamb, slide in the Benz
I'm workin' on my confidence and respect I get a lot of it
I don't ever mean to contradict
If it's up then it's up with us
Tell 'em pour another cup with us
And my brother say [?]
My bitch is a ten, might get in the wind
I fuck her to win
My dawg just caught another body night
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