Paroles: Enemy Of The State

Flash Yvette in the sket pimp
Jazz Jeff and the Fresh Prince
Ring, on my finger give you fuckers a fresh dent
You fucked up looking for fresh prints, P!
Prince popped in Purple Rain
I, [?] the song and then bonged in my own brain
Coming from a serious mind
Curious George, ape-like, taking your shine
Enemy of the state
Remember P is the ape
Dismember a nonmember entering my estate
Bloody the guns, money
Crowd striker, now cypher study the 120
P's truth on living
I'm trying to add on but the piece do division
Mono the big shit
85 your mind swine thinking 'bout rib tips, P!

I slide by spraying some big shit
I'm Ready To Die, get a feeling I'm playing some B.I.G. shit
And it's a wig shot whenever the cig hit
It sound good in them songs, but you never did shit
Eastside, May Block, you know where we from
When niggas got outta pocket my heat run
We ain't squashing shit, we catch the body then the beef done
A rap nigga run his mouth, then I'ma smack his teeth from 'em
I work hard, I'll snuff you, fuck 'em
I'm a hustler, soft raw fluffer
I take a R&B bitch, I raw dog fuck her
Sean Price with the mom Price
I'm P's long lost brother
That G work, I'mma put it in fast
But if I want a nigga spilt I just put up the bag
Know what it mean when that jack boy pull up his mask
A hollow tip bullet'll blast
The Machine bitch

Homicide, Murder, 45 burner
I provide my service with the tide turners
Send 'em to the lord when the points score
Got his family at the morgue with a ouija board
A lot of rappers out CB4
So I hit 'em with the hammer
This verse could get me in the slammer
Gladiator something like the Spaniards
Do my work off camera
I talk damage, my words hurt
You pen hustlers serve dirt
Meanwhile, my people make it happen where the birds chirp
And bring it home like the 3rd verse
Snub, with the granulated gloves and a ski mask
Snatch a clown out his E class
For thinking life is a Dreamcast
For you, its life or death
Me, I'm working the speed bag

For every shell dropped
Niggas sitting in the cellblock
Or nigga's stiff up in the mug from a headshot
I show these bitches what the business is
I never hide from nobody beside y'all all witnesses
I'm Gods Child, ya I'm on that shit
But I still walk through hell like I own that bitch
I had you staring down that barrel, put the work in
'Cause when you entertain clowns you become part of the circus
Unfuckwithable, untouched
Never needed a cosign, nigga I'm enough
I ain't hearing you little rap fuckers
Fuck rap I beer slap fuckers
Beware rap fuckers I kamikaze the booth
I shower posse the booth
From the essence of real niggas
You're now in the presence of real niggas
Fuck with us!
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