Paroles: Pigs

(Movie sample: George? What? We got a ? Tell those pigs to fuck off! Fuck off pigs. Did you hear what I said? Fuck off!)
(Come on!)
Yeah, Yeah, Listen

Yo, This little piggie rockin Air Force One, ac
Split the pig wig and turn his ass into pork chop
This little piggie killed Trayvon Martin
No way y'all, I hate y'all, the AR sparkin
This one pig cuffed and shackled down to the achelin
Whodini the ? put the kid in the blankin
This one pig popped me for poppin pills
In the popeye
Popped the pig and left him properly ?
Life is ? but we play with the pink skin
Clean villa house, but he smelled like pingpin
Heard it before, heard of all, hurbin your horse
You be, fuckin with pigs, like the ? the *police sirens*
See a pig, clap a pig, nigga no question
No pork on my fork, but now i make an exception
The don article ? don plain murder
He squeeze turn P.I.G's to spam burger, P!

(Police-related news snippets)
Fuck the pigs my nigga
(more snippets)
Fuck the pigs my nigga, fuck these niggas, tell your bitch to suck my dick nigga

God, cipher divine, see cipher is ?
Abomination, I bomb the station, no CSI
A hassa is a pig that fly
I dont fuck with no cabasa, rip and spit that nine
General Steez, the God MC, pop n squeeze
Turn the copper into hardhead cheese
I consume boom, ?
Fuck a looney tune, porkey pig, off with your wig
I greet the ac As-salamu alaykum
Stop on the pump shottie, turn crooked cops to bacon
On these brooklyn blocks I'm day one
You thinkin this shit's sweet? Your friend's weak
The fifth speak, pickle your pig's feet
Hetlicops cop, welcome to jam rock
We ran blocks, my man's not, fuckin with ham hocks
The hand hot, pen poems to ? chrome
Catch a coward on patrol, smoke him like neck bone

? pepper spray? You know how to shoot in the leg?
Or shoot in the arm? Immobilize somebody?
Or do you shoot to kill?
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