Paroles: Mouzone Brothas

I been here before
I'm unamused I expected more
A regular I know its time for tour I tell em book me whore
The white man done got me for bands slipped right between my hands
Taxes what they call it well damn
Well time for Uncle Sam
Fuck you keep the bubble goose and tell em fit the noose
With comfort if I jump from here I definitely need a route
It’s me or you Us or Them
Sooner them not your kin
I am not your fucking friend
You're very lost ?
Before I walked I wasn't timid
You know they tried to infiltrate
? on dinner dates
With the gods ?
Amassed another 8th for the safe
Let’s say give or take
You find yourself submerged in a lake say I made a mistake
But you don't understand what it takes
Said everything ?
What's the case life made you pump the base
Case closed shut your face bank rolls find your safe
Trite hoes fix your face ain't no time for bein' late

Nothing more dangerous than a nigga with a library card
Calvin Cambridge with Morris Chestnut playing and shooting guard
Start a chapter of black nationalists like I'm Dub D Ford
And still stuff the back of them Acuras and deliver D like my lord
Oh Yes of course I'm in the tub like Rev Run with a black berry
6 feet get dug just for the hedge fund where the stacks buried
It's been so long since a nigga been broke off so they back pay me
My knowledge is selfless might get back for black slavery
I open my eyes and freed my self for the trap caged me
Then wrote these lines and soundtracks for my niggas and bitches BackPaging
Wish I was taller so I could visit the gods from all black nations
With my dick so hard if I fell from the skies I could crack pavements
Put a bullet in Goliath and slap David
Came through with the same exact cane that they killed Cain with
Engaged with the game and started engaging in different engagements
State to state just from statin our statements within these phrases
How’d you get your skin so smooth Baby my momma taught me
Tried to fuck a bitch I was ashamed of and my brother caught me
Pulled up on twenty four inch rims like Steven Hawking
I ain’t need it but when I'm way too weeded I keep from walking
Bulldog turned to a Great Dane when they aim Who gon’ touch us
Always in between some bread or the fridge like cold Smuckers
Every nigga that came here with something gon' leave with nothing
Just for stunting or get beat the fuck up with your own crutches
It's such a shame what niggas do for some fame
It's cold-covered the same niggas who hate on us cap zones from us
Dirt on my name for applying pain nah nah controlled substance
Your house the same then you gettin’ a visit from the Mouzone Brothers
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