Paroles: Reborn

Yea nigga just
Yea just over here nigga
Yo I gotchu I
I was over here before I nigga I seen it
We just gotta
Yea nigga right there nigga right there nigga
Yea just move dat shit nigga yea
See I told you nigga shit crazy right
Shit alright see I told you shit crazy

There was some things I never tried to do
And most of them was things I want to do
There are these opposing forces
Why should they oppose me, why
Now then I thought there's no such thing as I think they are
But then it is beyond thought
I feel these opposing forces who's power is their weakness
I feel these opposing forces who's power is their weakness
The power they grant to their observers and subjects
They exist indeed they do I feel and always have felt
It is and always was true
Since this plane of existence
I came to be to know they are they are here
I never resisted them they think I did

Have some of this and lighten up
Nah I'll pass
Silk don't be a pussy
Better watch your fucking mouth

You talkin' to a nigga that only sold shrooms and sour
Fuck a bitch then use her for her crib just to count up
A ? and louis vitton
Preachin bout power ruby ?
2 piece fried hard as the shell of Bowser
Break a chicken into a cornish hen
9 tattooed on my finger means to be born again
Know where I been and I know a nigga ain't goin' again
Crack the levee deep in my soul so I overflow within
No dolo I'm with my codefend
Black tie, bolos, black loafers, tucked shirt, with a folded brim
On my shoulders showin' a glowin' pin quotin' we chose to win
Dough detectin' dobermans
So I know which door the dope is in
At least one day its how I hope to live
Still broke as fuck but I got rich in heart
Dick little but I could still split a bitch apart
Spit riddles and could still give you an ignant bar
Its just a start but I never thought a nigga could get this far
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