Paroles: Rap Up 2019

They say numbers never lie so let's keep it real
Brought to you by Michael Smith and Jemele Hill
Before we start the new year I'ma bring the stats up
This the 2013 Sports Rap-up
Alabama and Saban, they started with a win
The NHL starts to gel so the lockout ends
The Heat went on a streak, but the Bulls said no
Catfish of the year? Manti Te'o
Lance admitted to doping, but that news was old
Lights out to those wins, kinda like the Super Bowl
30 minute delay and the momentum dropped
After a flick of the switch, Ravens on top
Chip Kelly went to Philly and he changed some things
Baseball said no cheaters in the Hall of Fame
Then Jordan turned 50, but he still got hops
And that day Andre dunked? Give that man his props
Night, night, Brandon, that was so unfair
And none of us was prepared for what happened to Kevin Ware
Danica in Daytona? It wasn't even close
Gotta love the underdog, what up Florida Gulf Coast?
The Boston marathon fell under attack
But I salute the city though because they bounced right back
And then Kobe got injured, LA was a disaster
Blackhawks got the cup, Adam Scott got the Master's
The Heat got the title, number 2, that's big
And baseball got taken over by Yasiel Puig
Usain still bolting, got opponents frozen
And Phil Mickelson got the British Open
They they investigating steroids like everyday
Howard went to Houston and chucked the deuces to L.A
Congrats to Andy Murray, Silva got K.O'ed
Then The Celtics split up, oh man, Rondo
Congrats to Serena, Pitino and Louisville
Tebow got released, The Pats have no chill
Jay Z became an agent and put it in a song
Signed Johnny Manziel, I wonder if y'all get along
A-Rod got suspended and appealed to come back
The Pirates made the play-offs, never thought I'd say that
Megatron saw them yards and was like ''I'm taking 'em''
Rivera played his last game at Yankee Stadium
Red Sox hit the top, what up Beantown?
Nick Foles and Peyton Manning threw for seven touchdowns
Tiger Woods all good, [?] of the year
USC got Lane Kiffin right up out of there
And Jimmie Johnson won the cup, I think that's six
A.I. got back to Philly just to call it quits
Robinson Cano got a big gift from Santa
Auburn came back and shocked Alabama
You gotta be kidding, Jason, be a better planner
Good try with the drink, but the league got cameras
And The Pats came back to beat The Broncos
He caught another tough break, well wished to D. Rose
To legends we lost, we'll never forget y'all
Ken Norton, Deacon Jones and Pat Summerall
Stan Musial, Earl Weaver watching over us
Along with the late great Dr. Jerry Buss
We'll see you next year, Skillz live on the scene
And that's a sports rap-up for 2013
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