Paroles: Frankie Carbone

Most consistent
Better fits
And my interviews is hotter
183rd Street

Back to japan
Get ……… on the phone
We get money, nigga
Fuck where you rank me, I'm on
First off i'd like to thank me, I'm stoned
They janky, they clones
Cmon, I'm iced cold, bitch
Frankie carbone
Rallying up the troops
Homie was wallin of the juice
I had to kick him in his ass
I had $2,000 boots
Don't be a victim on the ave
Your older homie was the proof
I'm from an era buddle up niggas
Would rob you for your goose
Hol’ up, you was never a star
You carried kittles, nigga
You from a lineage of little niggas
You in the middle
Sorta like second fiddle
Trying to belittle niggas
You ever questioned how you living, nigga
Game changer, underdogs taking the lead
Boss nigga but my purpose bigger than me
Pick of the litter
Pick up the tree for a fee
Hit the bakery and holla at chee

I look like a boss
I feel like a boss
I smell like a boss
I taste like a boss

I pop shit bottles and tags
I promise you that
Whip the color with detergent
On the top is a rag
Headquarters is the block on the ave
My little homie like the hot shit and brag
He puts in work like time in a half
Napkin tucked in my shirt
As i fine dine
I got a strip I put DO in his prime time
You was screaming gang gang
5th was screaming gang gang
And a pair 680’s 40 real hyper
Gortex I fuck with money niggas
We all fresh
We all got it out the ……..
My little man scams with the cardis like offset
We had the …. So we did it for the culture
Said he want to ball in miami like he supposed to
Guess that makes me __________
Pretty bitch that swallowing she in the rover
As long as I promise together toes done
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