Paroles: Uninspired

Oh shit, goddamn (Yeah, yeah)
Oh shit, yeah (Oh shit)

I said I woke up feelin' like Pootie Tang, saggin'
Uninspired, new raps, I'm just braggin'
In the substance new cats is just lackin'
This ain't catchy, I'm still stuck in the past and-
I'm trapped in a young mans frame
Is my soul too old to play a young mans game?
All the lame niggas get the best promo
Can't rap but they take some fresh photos
Me no do collabs for free
Lyrically niggas can't afford half of me
It's for the love when I'm workin'
Still knowin' what I'm deservin'
So blame the bills when I go Uma Thurman
In the stu', [?] in the booth
Tell the truth like if I don't somebody might shoot
I'm on a mission, I ain't got time for distractions
Ho I know the mic like a Jackson
Anything else, that's secondary
Fishy niggas, y'all be doing Nemo'st
I'm a one to one, they could tell already
Do it for the W's but I'm from the East coast
Can they come for me? Probably not
Tall facts, short money, [?]
Yeah, bitch I'm Allah with the punchlines (Punchline)
Every single bar when I Allahu-Ak
My home girl told me that I talk too much
So I'ma play the corner, let the aura speak
I be tryna get the drawers with some clever lines
Too much talkin' make a pussy go never mind
Silence, that's the word of the day
Try frontin' on the block? You get shmurdered today
That's word to 9-6, I'ma take 'em to church
Where them niggas don't preach but they pass the work
Yeah, young Stro flow like no other
Y'all fools uncool like mother brother
Ain't nobody wanna be fam before the sponsors
Moms had no assist before the nuances
Somebody better tell these niggas wake up (Wake up)
2020, ugh, shit lit (Shit lit)
I am not friends with you rap niggas
Matter of fact, all y'all eat a dick
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