Paroles: Corona Kiss

Yo, bro, I know I was supposed to come to the studio
They're telling people to stay inside, it ain't safe
Shit might be airborne or whatever, so
I ain't gon' be able to make it
But I was gonna say some ill shit
They got me Googling my own name every two weeks
See what they got to say about a nigga, any new leaks
Shit poppin', shit is real, shit's droppin'
Lookin' for our black leaders, but they TikTokkin'
Flip-floppin', the bosses are now threatened
A time in the world where a cough is now a weapon
Appreciate all them tough times, that was a blessin'
'Cause those that had to grow up soft is now regrettin'
Why in the black neighborhood the virus hit different?
Then when they find the vaccine, it got the chip in it
The money comes and it goes, the love is infinite
Some things ain't gotta be touched to put your strength in it
Yo, shut up with you—
These kids is killin' me, man
Aight, one
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