Paroles: Jewsbar

[ItsTheReal, The Lox]
I got a business opportunity for you
What's good, bro?
Alright, well, we're family, right?
Eh, kinda
I mean you call me bro all the time
That's why we're family
Okay, if you wanna go with that
I need thirty-five thousand dollars
Well, okay, let me, let me rephrase that
I would like thirty-five thousand dollars
I would like thirty-five thousand f*ckin' dollars too
f*ck is you tellin' me for?
Great, so we're all on the same page, yeah
Awesome, okay, okay
So here's the business opportunity
What? What the f*ck are y'all talkin'—
So you know how you have Juices For Life?
Well, what if it was Jews's For Life?
And that got me thinking, what if we started a cult?
And, like, we don't have to call it a cult
It could just be a gathering of friends
It could be, uh, a-a a Monday service
Ooh, that's a bar
A Jews's bar, yeah
What the f*ck are y'all talkin' about?
I'm talkin' 'bout thirty-five thousand dollars
Jews's? I'm not even Jewish
Then why are you called The Lox?
Well, I'm kind of Jewish, but not—
What the f*ck are y'all talkin' about?
We talked to Jadakiss
He said that he's in as long as you give the thirty-five thousand dollars
What? Jadakiss is already in and the thirty-five thousand is comin' from me?
Thank you, you finally get it
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