Paroles: Noah and David

Know it's Styles
Whole lotta Styles, yeah

Enough of the pain, let the joy come
Play with the killers but I never had a toy gun
Bad situation, yeah, I never could avoid one
Tryna get the drop, lift the shot before the boys come
Nowadays I get the drop then the roof's off
Middle edge nigga but you know I got the new sauce
Gimme 43rd street, I can knock the deuce off
Gimme 33rd street, I can knock the fork off
Pull up in the two door, pull up in the four door
Pull up in the drop necks, I'm just tryna score more
Started with nothin', nigga, now I'm on the scoreboard
No tellin' what you find if you liftin' up the floorboards
Dancin' with the devil, what you callin' on the Lord for?
Hit you wit' the .44, hit you wit' the sawed off
Hit you wit' that lovers love, know I keep it raw, dawg
Probably gettin' blitzed at The Ritz or The Waldorf

Ghost nigga
I just wanna smoke, nigga
I'm about peace but I fuck around and choke nigas
Ghost nigga (Choke niggas)
I be wit' the woke niggas
I be gettin' money 'cause I do it for the broke niggas

Uzi under the pillow, couple joints in the air
You cheatin' on the streets, well that's a gangster affair
You ever seen me, well that's a gangster with flare
That's a gangster aware, he knows he's a gentleman
Gremlin colored Porsche, I throw an eighth in the air
Then a half a zip, then a whole zip, then another zip
All I know is pack this luggage up, make another trip
All I know is save this money up, make another flip
All I know is pay the IRS, duck the government
Get your wave right or grave sight
You came from the ground, my nigga, that wasn't paved right
You just want a chain, my nigga, you think it's slave like
Yeah, I want a chain and stores, I get my lane right
G shit, ET shit, know I get shit
I be on a trip with the set, you just set trip
I'ma make a promise my nigga, you know I wet shit (Wet shit)
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