Paroles: Brother Jedidiah

We are gathered here today, way-oh-way-oh
To commemorate a very good man, Brother Jedidiah
He stands about 5'8"
Two hundred and thirty-seven thousand pounds
Of pure beef, from the northern coast

I wear the yarmulke to court to try to gain some sort of leverage
My lawyer puts a little molly in the judge's beverage
As a team player, you know what?
I'ma buy him a motherfucking Nissan Murano
Rabbi Rodriguez did the bris
Then a little piece of fish fell on the dish that he sniffed
Like a dog, that's his dick that he split
So he could go pick up his kids in a brand new whip
What the fuck?

Oh, pardon me
I was out here busy living your lies
You've been dead your whole life
Oye, Alfonzo, pull up the car!

Riker's Island runway show better than Yeezy season
This year the color green is in
Dog, I'm fucking crazy like Velcro sneakers
I'm playing with shit
Dog, I ain't playing with shit
Your frame will lay in a ditch
My chick is Asian with a twist
I'm so hard, you could cook a piece of bacon on my dick
Better be turkey though
So if these turkeys try to murk me, Moe
I'll let these turkeys know that I'm in Turkey, hoe

We was 47 and a half deep on the strip
You was in front of the store with Team Jordan's and yellow pajama pants
That's a big no-no!
That's a BIG no-no!
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