Paroles: Bancroft

Ay, bust this right right here on Bancroft
(The Mekanix)

What you know about The Delinquents?
Oakland niggas hella wild, what you think, bitch?
I'm from the East but the West is hard
I'll leave The Town and come fuck with the rest of y'all
'Cause anywhere I touch down in the Bay
We really pimpin', nigga, we don't play
In North Richmond or East Palo Alto
Go to Berkeley or out to the Valley-Joe
I hit the scene, everybody be watchin'
Four 15's, my speakers be knockin'
I'm gettin' all the bitches, I got hoes galore
I know you got bitches, but I got more
If the bitch got game, I don't care
All these out of town niggas want a bitch from here
He fell in love with my old prostitute
The game is cold, and she was too hot for you
When I fuck, I treat 'em all like sluts
I got her legs on my shoulders, I'm all in her guts
I keep a top notch, I'm never alone
If I'm not with a bitch, I'm on the microphone
In the lab, rappin' on a Rick Rock beat
Or maybe Ant Banks, or E-A-Ski
It's The Mekanix, so you can't hate
Hella bass, it's the old Too $hort tape
I got bitches, you only got that one
Her little boy? No, he's not your son
He calls you daddy, but can't you see?
That little nigga looks just like me
I don't take her to dinner, we don't see no movies
We don't drink no wine, we don't be in jacuzzis
Ain't no cupcakin', fuck that square shit
Ain't no innocent nights, I'm a player, bitch
I want them hundred dollar bills, you know I do
Don't ask like this the first time I pimped on you
Bitch, I smashed a long time ago
I like to turn out bitches then I rhyme some more
You like all my songs, you love my beats
That's all you wanna do, is ho for me
Be my number one bitch, my main thang
But I can never have one, that's that lame game
Fuck Rated R, bitch, I'm triple X
And fuck you, too, I don't stress no sex
Don't try to fall in love in my house
If we was married, I'd pimp my spouse
I'm never gon' change my ways
Keep thinkin' that shit, that's just how I was raised
I ain't no thief, I won't steal your bitch
I got the gift, I'm just like Philthy Rich
You can't say shit, the bitch chose
Hopped out the Chevy and jumped in the Rolls
She from the Bay, are you insane?
She loves pimps, the bitch got too much game
They said, "$hort, you get her hooked
You gave her that heroin dick and then shook"
I was too rude, so she got a new dude
You wanna marry her? Then you a fool
'Cause I got her dickmatized in a deep trance
Butt ass naked in a freaky stance
When I'm around, everything goes down
If she was yours, the bitch is my ho now
The only way she's yours is if her name is Sharon
'Cause all that lovin' and carin'
It ain't gon' make her faithful only to you
She's your main one but her favorite number is two

$hort $hort, what's up, bitch?
You don't know nothin' about this Town shit, bitch
You don't know nothin' about Mistah F.A.B., bitch
Four, five, six, bitch, North Oakland, bitch
You don't know nothin' about pimpin', bitch
You ain't gettin' no money, bitch
You ain't never knocked a ho, bitch (The Mekanix)
I'm from the Bay
(Yep, right here, pull over)
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