Paroles: What I Mean Is

Great John on the beat, by the way
I mean, what they want from me, man?
Like, you know?
I'm a product of my environment

This shooter music, drug kingpin shit (Yeah)
It's negative, no Dr. Martin Luther King shit (Nah)
What I mean is we use violence to get our point across (Facts)
And we feel invincible when them cases get tossed
Hearin' not guilty when you guilty is like the best feelin' (Woah)
Usually we not guilty and still get sent to prison (Damn)
What happened to that little kid Junior was horrible (Word)
It got me feelin' like rap music responsible
We make kids feel like killin' niggas is honorable (Bang)
If we can't rap about that, then what the fuck I'ma do? (What I'ma do?)
I don't know how to dance and I don't sing melodies
Can't go get a good job, I got a felony (Nope)
What, I gotta rap like J. Cole is what you tellin' me? (That's what I gotta do?)
What if niggas in the hood start losin' respect for me? (Then what?)
Cole doin' better than you, I say that respectfully
Maybe you should try, you might go platinum eventually
Tell that shit to the old Jay-Z, is you kiddin' me?
I'm 50 Cent before he got rich, that's why he diggin' me
What I mean is, my content is real aggressive (Yeah)
Don't listen to me if you want a positive message
If I go that route I get my song on a record
Common sense, too, that way mainstream can respect it
But I represent them niggas that's in too deep
He killed 'em 'cause he shot his man, they can't dead that beef
Get the strap

I mean, when you play this game that we play
Once certain things happen, it's on for life, nigga
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