Paroles: Gun Go

In the world of luxury goods
Both France and Germany boast no figure that comes quite as close to a living national icon as Karl Lagerfield
He's best known as head designer and creative director for both the house of Chanel, and the Italian fashion brand Fendi
And he enjoys great success with his own Karl Lagerfield label
Born in Hamburg, he has been a fixture on the Paris fashion scene for over 50 years
If ever two nations had a private sector soft power asset at the center of the creative industries
It's the man with the skinny denim, frockish coat, pulled back hair, and sunglasses

Karl Lagerfeld, trying to get money like that nigga, ayo
Karl Lagerfeld, trying to get money like that nigga, ayo

Fear Of Gods tucked in the 950s
They need to chill, God, these niggas can't fuck with me
I put this on the record, I'm the flyest ever
Just Don Two Beaches, different kind of leather
I cruise my city seeing poverty
Bulletproof the Mulsanne in case they trying to body me
I done sold more dope than you ever seen
All black war face painted, I'm looking like Sting
Remember graduating and selling them whole
Spending nights in the Feds, my own family done told
Money falling apart, this shit's so old
Using clear tapes, Cheerios in Versace bowls
While bolan bottles no milk, nigga
Don't fuck around and get killed, nigga
A hundred round drum, I call it Wilt, nigga
'93 Scott Hall shit, Versace silk, nigga
I'm God, nigga, can't take my niggas on tour, they wanna rob niggas
I'm way doper, dope spot looking like a Supreme drop
Line wrapped around the corner, nigga

He got a gun
Yo, he try to run
He got a gun
Ayo, he tried to run

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned
It's been one month since my last confession
And these are my sins
I missed mass on Sunday twice
I lied about witnessing a murder once
I ate meat on Friday once
Wait a minute, can you back up a little bit and say that again?
I ate meat on Friday once?
No, not that one
Back up a little more
I lied about witnessing a murder once
Yeah, that's the one
Do you realize what you said?
It was only once, Father
Do you know what the fifth is?
Yes, Father, I know what the fifth is
The fifth is "I refuse to answer on the grounds that I'm incriminated
The fifth commandment
"Thou shalt not kill"
That's right
Now I want you to tell me what happened
No, Father, I'm not telling nobody nothing
Don't be afraid, my son
Nobody's more powerful than God
I don't know about that, Father
Your guy is bigger than my guy up there
And my guy is bigger than your guy down here
You got a point
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