Paroles: Trapped

I'm trapped in
I'm trapped in, I know it
Ayy, I know I'm trap, I'm trap-trap, I know I'm trap

I heard my niggas talkin' bout me, what's been gettin' closer?
Niggas sayin I ain't breaking bread, I dont even know you
All that shit I bought you niggas, all the shit I taught you nigga
Look this lil ungrateful nigga, I'm thinkin' I should off you niggas
Learned the hard way, keepin' it real may cost a nigga
All that love and bruh bruh shit, they gon cross a nigga
I know that I'm trapped, I know it (I know it)
I know that I'm depressed, I show it
I'm poppin' Xans of paranoia
I'm 50 and 0 I'm Floyd
Streets ain't never defeatin' me, before I was rappin' I was a G
Money was always on time, my plug ain't never mistreated me
Ok, this the intro, so I'mma set the mood
You thinkin' twice? I am too
That's why none of you niggas cool
So know that you, what you want to do
And free my nigga 5, I got your message, bro I miss you too
Ridin' in the car with my enemy, them bullets gon' hit you too
And now that you ain't got nothing against me, I ain't got nothing against you, too
But, rrr rrr rrr, I hope it hits you too
I want his mama to miss 'em, and I want your people to miss you too
You want that Gucci, Louis, Fendi, so you take them risks
And you ain't workin' 9 to 5's, you overtime in kitchens
You bought a Rollie and Cuban before you bought yourself a house
Mama in the hood, you know you forced to her move out
You took niggas work, they went and shot up mama house
You a selfish nigga, damn near took your mama out
Niggas never thinkin'
Nigga sippin' lean, drinkin, poppin' pills singkin' "Pussy niggas linkin'"
Bad bitches winkin' me, eyes open never blinkin'
Ridin' with that Draco, Gotti what the hell you thinkin'?
Word to HOV
Slow it down, Gotti
400 for the truck, this ain't the Lamb, this the Rolls
Like a 150 difference, that's a Richard Millie mo'
I say five bricks, if we wanna talk in codes
I'm trapped (as I got the streets talkin' to me)
I'm really, really trapped
Doors closed, nowhere for me to go nigga
I'm really, really trapped
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