Paroles: Sunset Sunrise

They said "Meet here on this day," they want my—

Every time it touches my tongue, I can't decide
Whether I should stop or keep going tonight (Tonight)
Every time I close my eyes, I see you inside
Every time I open that door, see what you left behind
Money, sex, murder, drugs, words on my mind
Riding through the desert like a cowboy in the night
Blood writings on the moon paint the sky (Sky)
Living is whatever, I know what it feels to die
Living is whatever, I know what it feels to die
Blood writing on the wall waste my time (Waste my time)
Oh-oh-oh, sunset, sunset, sunrise
Creatures in the desert running through my mind
I don't want to leave you whenever
Flowers like you grow in dirt (Dirt)
In this land of lies and desert, you're the only seed I see (See)
I don't think we belong in heaven
You're essential, I'll set you free (Free)
Holy water, spit it on me, like it when you play rough

(Oh-oh-oh-oh) Oh
(Sunset, sunset, sunrise)
(Oh) Oh-oh
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