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K Camp - Cry To You

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K Camp
Cry To You
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K Camp nous dévoile le titre de son morceau intitulé "Cry To You" à visionner sur HipHop Spirit.

"Cry To You" extrait du projet "RARE Family (Reloaded)"

Le titre "Cry To You" est extrait de l'album de "K Camp" intitulé "RARE FAMILY (RELOADED)" la date de sortie de "RARE Family (Reloaded)" est prévue pour le 16 mars of 2021, dont la tracklist et les lyrics sont disponible ici: TRACKLIST et PAROLES de RARE Family (Reloaded).

RARE Family (Reloaded) Cover

Passage des paroles "Cry To You"

Section 8, the street cookin' motherfucka
Let's go

Tell me where it all leads
The bigger you get you feel like all the problems [?]
That's where it begins
Too many strangers tried to give me doubts and hopes
But they are not my friends
Give me flowers, right now while I'm walkin' this Earth
Forgive me for my sins, yeah
Forgive me...

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prod by Section 8 x youngtn

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