Russ - NIGHTTIME (Interlude) [son]

Russ - NIGHTTIME (Interlude)

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NIGHTTIME (Interlude)
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Russ nous dévoile le titre de son morceau intitulé "NIGHTTIME (Interlude)" à visionner sur HipHop Spirit.

"NIGHTTIME (Interlude)" extrait du projet "Shake The Snow Globe Deluxe"

Le titre "NIGHTTIME (Interlude)" est extrait de l'album de "Russ" intitulé "SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE DELUXE" la date de sortie de "Shake The Snow Globe Deluxe" est prévue pour le 20 mai of 2020, dont la tracklist et les lyrics sont disponible ici: TRACKLIST et PAROLES de Shake The Snow Globe Deluxe.

Shake The Snow Globe Deluxe Cover

Passage des paroles "NIGHTTIME (Interlude)"

And when the nighttime comes
We don't bite our tongues
We gon' let that shit fly tonight
Singing songs that we love
Soon enough we make up
We gon' let that shit die tonight

Do you understand my love?
Please don't look at me and shrug
I've been trying more than ever
If this doesn't last forever
Least we spent the time we did...

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NIGHTTIME (Interlude)

Produced engineered and written by Russ
Mixed by Russ & Jaycen Joshua
Mastered by Jaycen Joshua

Twitter : @russdiemon
Instagram : @russ
Facebook : @russtheone

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