SiR - Rapper Weed (ft. Boogie) [son]

SiR - Rapper Weed (ft. Boogie)

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Rapper Weed
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SiR nous dévoile le titre de son morceau intitulé "Rapper Weed", en featuring avec "Boogie" à visionner sur

Passage des paroles "Rapper Weed"

Clear skies, white walls
Sunshine in my rearview as the night falls
Listenin' to old Kanye feelin' like new Kanye (Hey-hey-hey)
My life in harmony like two, one Ye's (Okay)
I shouldn't have to tell you that I been here
This is not a gimmick, please don't push me to my limit
I be gettin' tired of bein' friendly (Tired of bein' friendly)
I go hard un...

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SiR ft.Boogie
"Rapper Weed"

Produced by: SiR
Cover Art by: Michael Loran

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