Uncle Murda - Rap Up 2019 [son]

Uncle Murda - Rap Up 2019

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Uncle Murda
Rap Up 2019
Date de publication
Uncle Murda nous dévoile le titre de son morceau intitulé "Rap Up 2019" à visionner sur HipHop Spirit.

Passage des paroles "Rap Up 2019"

It's that time of year again
Y'all gon' be like, "Why this nigga startin' off like that?"
Rap Up 2019
(Great John on the beat, by the way)

K. Michelle can't keep a man 'cause her pussy stink (Ugh)
She pretty, she can sing and all that, but her pussy stink (Go to the doctor)
"Why you back talkin' 'bout that girl pussy stinkin'?"...

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IG : @Unclemurda
#UncleMurda #RapUp2019 #HappyNewYears

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